Drew Haynes

Gabrielle, Feel Seen?

Gabrielle, Feel Seen?

Gabrielle, Feel Seen?

11in x14in

Artist Statement

The arrangement went as follows - Gabrielle admired my work, and I admired her features. This arrangement birthed two graphite portraits, a short story, a group show placement celebrating women, and a soundtrack encompassing my sentiments throughout Gabrielle and I's interactions. Eventually, I scrapped the short story due to her lack of investment in our arranged collab.

First portrait completed, entitled - You Feel Seen? posed a question to her. I enjoyed gauging her responses following my display of the rendering. I have appreciated her initial responses, redacted professional counters, and constant public acknowledgments. So, mission complete - my initial intentions felt and artistry respected! Let's take a moment to appreciate her willingness to be vulnerable, meticulously studied, and later appreciated as art.

The second portrait entitled, Part-time Public Admirer serves as my response to the potent energy in the reference image, a critique of our mutual but varied interest in each other, and my hope for future intimate endeavors with Gabrielle. Thoughts of concert attendance in our future, followed by extensive poses for my musings and future professional projects seem delightful and eminent.

Shoutout to Gabrielle Monique, my favorite figure model! Gabrielle, thank you for lending me some inspiration; I hope to have extended you the same courtesy.