Drew Haynes

No Longer in the Kiddy Pool

Drew Haynes-No Longer In the Kiddy Pool-2023 -
Drew Haynes-No Longer in the Kiddy Pool (Detail) 2023 -

No Longer in the Kiddy Pool

No Longer In the Kiddy Pool 

Graphite, Vellum 
22in x 30in

Artist Statement

Have you ever gone on vacation and stumbled upon an unfamiliar activity? I am grateful for their forbearance of my intrusion into their private lessons. Unstereotypical of me, and also not showcased in any of my actions taken, I can indeed swim. Nothing could have prepared me for this adult swim, however, this is an ideal swimming lesson for sure. 

For what I would equate to a nude underwater group Macarena, indeed was a clothing-optional aquatic karate class. Depicted, are 3 ladies amidst their nude aquatic karate lesson. Figures are rendered in graphite, while the background is a collaged vellum paper. This image serves as a PSA of the joys of aquatic sports.