Drew Haynes





1. Canopy
2. The Lure
3. Overcast
4. Blossoms
5. Poised Attack
6. Flash
7. Mother Earth
8. Anonymous Sender
9. Light Deprivation


Artist Statement

This collection of images was influenced by a conversation between Milan Myers and I. We responded to the Art Ascent call for artists with our collaborative project entitled, “Counterpoise”.

In “Counterpoise”, we seek to explore sensuality and how it is expressed within long-distance relationships. In order to answer that, Milan and I--who were both in long-distance relationships-- explored the confines of our respective situations. In response, we came together to create “Counterpoise”; a commentary on navigating long-distance love.

“Counterpoise” is a mixed media compilation featuring renderings of an ex-partner staged, photographed, and interpreted by Milan Myers and I.

About Milan Myers

My name is Milan. I am a photographer and artist from the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois. My art provides me with the opportunity to reflect, create, and live slowly and intentionally. It is my hope that my art will do the same for others. My primary sources of inspiration come from nature, my experience as a black woman, and my heraldry from an agrarian southern community. My relationship and respect for my land and my people influence all that I do, and I display this with honor in my work. Through my art, I intend to honor the voices that have so kindly allowed me to tell their stories.