Two Competing Voices Submitted to a Master

Purged myself of past addictions and attachments
Transitioned from tasteful consumer to dutiful creator 

Astonished by knowledge acquired in abstinence 
Thoughts of A-sexuality (not-it), Sapiosexual (for sure)
Realization that my desire and approach are both nuanced and counterbalanced

Two competing voices submitted to a master
No need to code-switch when you are your own audience
Nor no longer concerned with public perceptions

…but of course, I did ask the pretty racially ambiguous girl to lend me her opinion

Does it count if she is yet to give it? No, the question is, Do I even value it? 

…or was that my subtle attempt at introduction?
If her smile was the lure…shit I might be caught!

But I’ll always drive slow, or walk downhill for those in the know