A test of loyalty and utter devotion
You can’t be with me, less’ you’ll weather the waves of the oceans
For fear tends to consume, way too often and often too soon
Please get right with your creator before, you meet your doom

To stand up to giants - a unique part of my purpose
7 would invoke fear into any man on the surface
I respectfully disagree with you, took time to survey your actions
A woman, no matter her occupation, is here for more than male satisfaction

May not understand but deference is an act of service
Some of the spaces I am predestined to enter, always make me nervous
Fearfully and wonderfully made, suffering may come but true harm I am impervious

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, you’ll fight my battles, for certain
If I revealed the true plan to you, you’d run, so for now, things are behind the curtain

Seek first the kingdom, I hope you are glad that I sought
I know the next blessing is substantial, I won’t squander the gifts you bought