Coddle Your Tempest

A true gentleman - I will never break my cardinal rules
I value your time, however, you can serve the fools
My pretty Asian temptress, I am elated you are a waitress
No man seems to handle your storm, I’ll coddle your tempest

Run those claws down my back again
You’ve expressed your intimate desires, I’m not rough my friend
I know you appreciate the tips, but love the stimulation
Love to make your night, my presence equals elation

Scanned each one of your tattoos
For with each survey, you can feel my lust
Smart and kind, Actions continued will garner trust
I have yet to actively pursue, I take my time to woo!

Know little about you but it is evident you are the best
Can see envy gathered by your associates, Niqua’ better than the rest
One day you’ll tell me your real name, and moan mine
I know passion you desire, with what I provide you’ll surely find

Please get Irv another drink
I am so sorry for my mans the other week
I’ll stay till the lights come up if that will make you happy
Take your time, your work the show, no need to make it snappy

I come to the club to see you
Here is my formal introduction - Hi my name is Drew