Bril's Day

Bril's Day

Encourage those to live in the moment
Celebrate now, no room for postponement
Smile for those whether echthros or opponent
For time has one master, no man can own it

Gentlemen gathered round’, bring the libations
Young Bril a Moorehouse man, overdue congratulations
For the night is yours, each man take your stations
Bonded brotherhood, masculinity an exercise in patients

For a time was had by all, each a willing participant
All vying for attention, but one most eloquent
You have my attention, together a time well spent
Jabril Saleem the world is yours, your main event

Master of your fate, no man your father
Your story I liken to legends or epics
You got it out the mud, the septic
Resilience is your strength, let no naysayers bother
A multitude is watching, your success their fodder

So please don’t quit, Your purpose is nearing to begin
Mate selection is next, All you need in this life of sin
Continued success, prosperity and wealth more abundantly
All things I wish for you my friend